President, AfrONet & CEO TOAM

    Jordan Gama is the CEO of TOAM, the Secretary of TOAM’s Board and the President of AfrONet. Jordan, who is from the Ruvuma region in Songea, holds an advanced diploma in Community Development from the Tengeru Institute of Community Development in Arusha.

    From the very beginning Jordan took part in the National Agriculture Movement (NAM) whose concept, in combination with the Advanced Organic Training action plan, led to the establishment of TOAM as an organization. “Organic Agriculture is rooted in the four principles Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care. In order to sustain the earth and the people we need visionary pioneers who advocate and take responsibilities to change the current agriculture system to a more sustainable, healthy and supportive one. We should seek a balance between profits and sustainable usage of natural resources.”

    As head of TOAM, Jordan oversees the implementation of the organizational strategy and leads the planning process, program development and project implementation. He is responsible for TOAM’s governance and management systems, as well as overlooking financial and human resources and reporting to the Board, members and donors.